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Large Horizontal Lathe

BrandNorth Torch Machine Tool

Series Large Horizontal Lathe



Zstroke: 3000mm

Xrapid speed3000mm/min

Zrapid speed 3000mm/min

Swing over machine bed1250mm

Swing over cutting tool carriage850mm

Weight of workpiece2T

Length of workpiece3000mm

Diameter of tailstock300mm

Stroke of tailstock100mm

Product summary

<North Torh Machine > series machine is the new designment of large horizontal Lathe. It is a kind of mechatronic machine tool, which is designed elaborately to implement the latest national precision standard, and integrates the multi-discipline and multi-category precision manufacturing technology such as electrical, automatic control, hydraulic control and modern mechanical design. The machine tool structure performance is suitable, the machine tool has high dynamic and static rigidity, long service life, high processing efficiency, reliable function, the operation is convenient and the modelling is beautiful and so on.This kind of lathe is very popular with wide application.which is widely used for turning shaft, cylinder and disc parts of ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and some nonmetallic parts, such as outer circle, end face, cutting, cutting, boring, turning metric thread and inch thread.

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