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Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

BrandNorth Torch Machine Tool

Series Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe



Zstroke: 15000mm

Xrapid speed3000mm/min

Zrapid speed 3000mm/min

Swing over machine bed2500mm

Swing over cutting tool carriage2000mm

Weight of workpiece35T

Length of workpiece15000mm

Diameter of tailstock300mm

Stroke of tailstock300mm

Product summary


Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe with PLC System manufactured by North Torch Machine is a new designment belongs to heavy duty horizontal lathe series, which implements national latest standard of machine accuracy and integrates the multi-discipline and multi-category precision manufacturing technology such as electrical, automatic control, hydraulic control and modern mechanical design.

The machine tool structure performance is suitable, the machine tool has high dynamic and static rigidity, long service life, high processing efficiency, reliable function, the operation is convenient and the modelling is beautiful and so on.

This machine is designed by mechatronics, and it has good flexibility. It can be used for turning all kinds of axles, large plane plates and rollers.The machine has large bearing capacity, strong rigidity, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and long service life.It is an ideal equipment for processing all kinds of shaft, large plane plate and roller parts.


Machine Introduction

1.This series CNC horizontal lathe machine can utilize high-speed steel and carbide cutting tools to finish rough or finish turning process for not only the non-ferrous metals like various structure steels, casting steels and irons, but also the external/internal cylindrical / conical/ spherical surfaces, thread of non-metal materials and all kinds of the surface of curve rotary body. Whats more, it can also realize the constant speed cutting line.

2. This machine adopts three guide rails with high rigidity and stability. We adopts pasting plastic structure between sliding plate and machine bed guide. Besides, this guide rail is equipped with elescopic steel metal cover to prevent machining chips into the guide rail.

3.The Main Transmission is driven by the DC variable frequency motor with mechanical 3 speeds to realize stepless speed range of spindle.

4. The spindle adopts high precision double rows cylindrical roller bearings with adjustable radial clearance. Through optimized design, the larger spindle diameter and the best support span improve the rotation accuracy of spinlde and dynamtic and static strength.

5. The horizontal structure of cutting tool carriage adopts ball screw, and the longitudinal adopts double teeth rod clearance structure to improve the transmission accuracy.

6. The tailstock is a kind of overall box structure. The core shaft of sleeve adopts high precision double rows cylindrical roller bearings with adjustable radial clearance, so that the tailstock has high stiffness. The movement of tailstock and sleeve are electrical control with automatic clamping and release.

7. According to customers special request, this kind of lathe can be installed double cutting tool carriages, milling and boring devices. Grinding wheel device,spindle indexing and tool setting device

8. The main drive and feed transmission of this series heavy duty horizontal lathe adopts separate structures. This is a kind of heavy duty horizontal lathe with PLC system.

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